Welcome back!

Welcome back, folks!

It’s been a while, but Move! Dance Radio is back! The world’s just a better place when you have the best dance music under your fingertips. That’s how we felt, so we decided to revive this radio station and bring you the best the internet has to offer. Well, at least when it comes to dance music. We’ve cleaned up our act and are ready for a new era. We’re getting everything up and running and we will relaunch – with a BANG! – in 2020. So, keep your eyes and ears open and keep checking this web page for more information!

We’re glad to be back!

On Tuesday only the hottest and latest Dance Tracks!

Mix Mania on Movedanceradio every Thursday! DJ Mixes only!

Are you a DJ/Producer and do you want your song on MoveDanceRadio, send it to demo at movedanceradio.com.