Move! Dance Radio!

Move! Dance Radio no longer publically available.

You have reached the website of the legendary Move! DanceRadio!

This is the schedule of Move! Dance Radio:

  • Friday until Monday : The best Dance Tracks from the past and present.
  • Tuesdays: The hottest dance tracks of today!
  • Wednesdays:  The best Club Classics!
  • Thursdays: DJ-Mixes only!

Unfortunately the program on Move! Dance radio is not publically available anymore due to copyright issues although it is still running with the hottest tracks of today and the legends of the past! Check out the live playlist on the right.

We are trying to get MoveDanceRadio available again. If you are a hosting party and are willing to host our radio station (including licensing) please contact us(tab ‘contact us’). The stream is available for you at no cost. It is the love for music that makes us rich in live. We dont need money.:-).

If you like our DJ mixes on Thursdays,  they can still be heard on: